Microneedling is a skin treatment that uses small needles to trigger the wound healing cascade. The release of growth factors and the skin remodeling that occurs stimulates collagen production and makes this an excellent treatment for skin rejuvenation as well as scars and texture.

Microneedling the scalp has also been shown to help stimulate hair growth. This is further enhanced when paired with other proven treatments like growth factors, red light therapy, and Minoxidil. While for the skin, microneedling paired with growth factors reduces recovery time and improves treatment results.

stage of healing

Depth and frequency are important considerations when microneedling. If you remain within the epidermis, referred to as cosmetic microneedling, you can do the treatment weekly. While not as researched for collagen induction, cosmetic microneedling can still improve the epidermis and aid infusion of serums. Medical microneedling reaches the dermis and is done monthly for collagen induction, never infusion.

cosmetic microneedling

Skin prep and aftercare are also critical to achieving the treatment outcome you want. Set yourself up for success by removing irritating products from your routine and then protecting your skin when it’s healing. And then sanitation and technique are last but most important. While many do this treatment successfully at home, it should be approached with care and research.

As growth factors have been shown to enhance the results of microneedling as well as reduce the healing time, you can use Bradceuticals serums with your treatments! See our Protocols page for how.

Note: Bradceuticals serums are formulated primarily for topical use, we recommend using them post treatment when medical microneedling with needles .50mm and longer. This means you’ll want to wait 12 hours and then apply the serums daily during the healing phase. If you’re nano or cosmetic needling, feel free to needle your serum directly into the skin.