About us

Our brand owner and founder has a story like many of you. She is a working mom, an engineer working in a demanding field, and wanted to take care of her skin with products that really worked.
She started Bradceuticals (named after her son) because she was frustrated by the lack of affordable growth factor options on the market and saw a need for an effective stem cell conditioned media product line that didn’t break the bank.
Bradceuticals is based out of Forest Grove, Oregon and is proud to be family owned and operated.
Our Mission
Bradceuticals is committed to making quality growth factors options accessible. Our products deliver quality and efficacy while our customer service is all about treating our customers like family. We believe that effective skincare formulations should be available to all and we’re here to support you in your skin and hair care goals.
As a small, family owned business we are committed to sourcing and manufacturing exclusively in the United States.

Our star ingredient, the stem cell conditioned media, is sourced from a reputable biotech company that we work closely with.
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  • Cruelty Free
    All Bradceuticals products are cruelty free and vegan. Our human stem cell conditioned media is only ever sourced from healthy, adult donors.
  • Made in the US
    As a small, family owned brand we believe strongly in supporting our communities. Bradceuticals is committed to manufacturing and sourcing ingredients here in the United States.
  • Professional Strength
    We make skincare solutions accessible and affordable. Our formulations are highly potent with proven ingredients that work synergistically together to deliver results.