microneedling sanitation

Microneedling Protocol – Skin

Want to enhance your results? Add growth factors to your microneedling! Here’s how:


  • Antimicrobial cleanser (Hibiclens)
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol swabs 
  • Sanitized beaker or non-porous cup 
  • Microneedling pen, roller, or stamp 
  • Hyaluronic acid serum for glide (Cos de Baha, Timeless)
  • Sterile saline
  • Dental bib
  • Exam gloves 
  • Bradceuticals serums


  • Stop retinoids and exfoliants the week of the treatment when medical microneedling or the day of for cosmetic depths
  • Put hair up and wash hands and face with an antimicrobial cleanser
  • Disinfect your space and lay down a dental bib before laying out your clean and sanitized supplies 
  • Fill sanitized beaker or non-porous with HA serum and saline if you need glide and use sanitized silicone spatula to apply to skin
  • When ready to begin, sanitize hands and area you’re treating with alcohol and put on gloves 
  • Numbing cream can be applied if you prefer, just remove thoroughly and sanitize again


(video coming soon!)

  • Begin treatment, using .30mm or shorter needles for cosmetic needling or .50 to .75 for medical needling 
  • For microneedling pen cartridges with needles arranged circularly, you’ll do circle motions while needling otherwise do passes 
  • The goal should be even erythema (redness), not a certain number of passes, and be sure not to add pressure 
  • Add glide as needed while you go for pens and Bradceuticals serums can be added to this mixture for cosmetic needling 
  • Reduce depth for under eye area and increase depth slightly for thicker skin on the cheeks

After Care:

  • When done with the treatment, use sterile saline to rinse away blood or dried serum 
  • You can apply a compressed sheet mask that has been hydrated with the hyaluronic acid and saline mixture and refrigerated to calm skin down after 
  • If cosmetic needling, apply Bradcueticals serums after and then do your nightly routine later as normal minus anything irritating
  • For medical microneedling, apply hyaluronic acid serum only and wait till the next day to apply Bradceuticals serums
  • Be very gentle with your skin during the healing process and be careful to apply sunscreen and avoid the sun

Here are some handy visuals to save and reference later as well:

microneedling sanitation
medical microneedling

Tip: We recommend our Mesenchymal line for skin rejuvenation and our Hair Follicle line for microneedling the scalp.

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