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Bone Marrow Derived
Mesenchymal Line
Our popular Mesenchymal line features bone marrow derived stem cell conditioned media, a highly concentrated source of growth factors that is ideal for skin rejuvenation. Despite being studied both in the medical field and later in aesthetics, bone marrow stem cells are more difficult to procure and cost more. As a result, most brands use other types of stem cells to create their conditioned media or charge prices that aren’t attainable for the average person. We’re proud to offer such a high quality product with an unsurpassed concentration of this incredible ingredient to our customers. If you’re interested in skin repair and rejuvenation or a post treatment serum, you’ll love our Mesenchymal products and best selling Gold serum from this line.

Disclaimer: Dr. Rogers is not affiliated with Bradceuticals. All rights to this video belong to Dr. Rogers. The purpose of this video is strictly educational and is not an endorsement.

Our Brand
Our brand owner and founder Thuy has a story like many of you. She is a working mom, an engineer working in a demanding field, and wanted to take care of skin with products that really worked.

She started Bradceuticals (named after her son) because she was frustrated by the lack of affordable growth factor options on the market and saw a need for an effective stem cell conditioned media product line that didn’t break the bank.
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Our Customer
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  • Cruelty Free
    All Bradceuticals products are cruelty free and vegan. Our human stem cell conditioned media is only ever sourced from healthy, adult donors.
  • Made in the US
    As a small, family owned brand we believe strongly in supporting our communities. Bradceuticals is committed to manufacturing and sourcing ingredients here in the United States.
  • Professional Strength
    We make skincare solutions accessible and affordable. Our formulations are highly potent with proven ingredients that work synergistically together to deliver results.
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