This intensive hair serum doubles the amount of adipose and hair follicle stem cell conditioned media in the original. The increased potency paired with the right growth factors for hair loss offers excellent results.

  • Suitable for men and women
  • Stimulates hair rejuvenation
  • May help address hair loss

Directions Apply to scalp. For best results, use after Minoxidil and/or microneedling.


2 reviews for Gold Hair Follicle and Adipose Stem Cell Serum

  1. Laura (verified owner)

    I have some new growth using while using dermastamp once a week. Buying another bottle! Thank you Bradceuticals! 🙂

  2. Traci Lee

    MUST TRY!! I have never gave a review on a product but the results from this product demanded one as it gave me my life back. I started losing my hair from a number of things that included diet, depression, and age (I’m 46) causing me to lose confidence in myself and literally cry every day. I was losing hair by the handful for 3 years and tried everything I saw that was “guaranteed” to work. I spent thousands of dollars on products such as Nutrafol, Hers, Keeps, Olaplex, Vegamour, along with so many vitamins and changing my diet with 100% consistency only to see zero results.
    I started using the red light therapy helmet along with the Gold Hair Follicle serum on October 16th 2022 and using this every day for 30 minutes by January 16th 2023 I have little to no hair fall. I went to my hair dresser January 23rd and she confirmed that I have new hairs coming in all over and my hair strands felt much stronger.
    I am ever so grateful that I found these products and have my life back I just wish I would have found them sooner. I cannot believe that for under $500 my hair has stopped shedding and is growing back. I have continued to use these products since they gave results. Please give them a try and be 100% consistent and you will see results.

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Gold Hair Follicle and Adipose Stem Cell Serum

An advanced treatment for thinning hair

(2 customer reviews)


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