Here is the ultimate guide to pregnancy skincare (the dos and don’ts)

The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy Skincare – The Dos and Don’ts

When you become pregnant, everyone’s attention is drawn to your skincare products for a good reason: some substances may be absorbed into your body and hence into your baby’s body.

While most over-the-counter (OTC) body care products are safe, a few ingredients may harm your child. So, here’s the good news: You can strike a balance between looking good and protecting your child. Get all the proven skincare treatments at Bradceuticals

Here is the ultimate guide to pregnancy skincare (the dos and don’ts)

Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy Skincare (The Dos & Don’ts)

Since pregnancy can lead to hormonal changes, which can further lead to skin issues, it is best to know what will work best for your skin and what you need to avoid.

The Do’s of Skincare

  • It is best to cleanse your skin daily. You can do so with a mild cleanser, which will help keep your skin fresh and remove excess oil or dirt. It will also prevent any breakouts and unclog your pores.
  • Make moisturizer your best friend. Hormonal changes can lead to the skin being dry and itchy. Thus, you need to choose a moisturizer that is not too harsh on the skin and is fragrance-free.
  • Don’t go anywhere without sunscreen. Apply it even at home. Since you’re pregnant, you’re more sensitive to sun damage, so that an SPF would do you good. You can reapply as per the need.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated is key. It is the secret to healthy and bright skin. You can add your favorite fruits and vegetables to make them healthier.
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The Don’ts of Skincare

  • Don’t use harsh or aggressive chemicals. Products such as scrubs can aggravate your skin conditions and make matters worse. It can cause inflammation. The best way to cleanse your skin is by using a cloth.
  • Don’t use products that contain retinoids. They are most commonly found in anti-aging products and can harm your baby.
  • Don’t use products that contain salicylic acid. It is one of the most solid acnes-fighting ingredients that can harm the developing fetus.
  • Don’t use products that contain benzoyl peroxide. It is also a popular acne-fighting ingredient found in most facewashes and creams that we apply. It can have harmful effects on your baby.
  • Don’t consume alcohol or smoke. It will severely affect your health and your baby’s health. It is best to avoid it at all times.

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